back to lantanaland

We are back home in lantanaland after a week visiting friends in mackay and hervey bay. It was great fun, playing with the baby, playing golf on the Wii, mowing lawns, kayaking at Hbay. Even travelling with an eleven week old was surprisingly easy, early starts, but I am up before 5am every day anyway, so no biggie.

The closer we got to home though, the more I could feel the pull of lantanaland. We've only been here a bit over a year, but I feel a real connection to this little patch of land. I've made a lot of changes in that time, mostly small, but enough that I feel like a bit of my soul has seeped into the soil.

The next big change might me coming soon. A bloke has seen my ad offering a year of agistment in return for my boundary fences being fixed up. This is great deal for me as I can't afford the fencing myself and I get a bit of grass to manure transfer for free. With every change it becomes ours more and more.

Gotta love technology