In love with tech

I have a real facination with technology. In my younger days I was the magpie of tech, swwiping down and grabbing anything that was shiny. Nowdays I'm a lot more considered, but I'm particurlarly interested in things that either enhance business productivity.

Now that is probably sending the 3 people reading this to sleep, but it's an insight into the way I think. Take The Wifes work. They are researchers that use writing tools and statistical packages to analyse large groups of data. There is a large degree of colilbration and meeting. Yet they do things the way universities and research facilities have always done. They use old underpowered computers. They have no easy video conferencing tool set up on every computer. They have no multi user word processor that can track changes in real time, not thru email.

I'd love to get a job at a place like that, not as the bog arse IT guy, telling people to try turning the computer off then on, but as the productivity manager, in charge of streamlining the way people work, so that all that experience is not spent waiting for a document to be emailed to them. (as I write this, my bloody cool app I use to write blog posts is playing up.)

So now instead of going out and buying every shiny toy I see I sit and think how I can use it and whether it will make my productivity better. Tech is not the devil and it doesn't have to make your life worse.
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