Just had a coffee in this little cafe/op shop/tourist attraction in Methven. It's run by Maria, a very expressive lady who has hung out with the Rolling Stones and had a few stories to tell. Eccentric, is the word to describe her.

Anyway we got our coffees and there was a pile of records there. I'd pretty much given up digging since I gave away the live music, but I always go and have a look. Collecting records can be an expensive and long term addiction and I figured that Lantanaland would suck enough of my time.

But as I flicked through there was the first Dire Straits album and Diamond Dogs from Bowie, some Supremes, some Joni Mitchell and some J.Geils. I couldn't resist so I took them up and man did she give me a bargain. I mean all of the LPs were in mint condition and there were quite a few more I could have got, but I'm not addicted OK, I just
needed a little hit.

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