Proper Fit

I've been pretty dissatisfied with my weight for a while, it impacts on my sport and my general feeling of confidence. It's ok though, because I've been training for a while on and off with my mates who are in national teams. Just lately though I've been to a few training sessions that have opened my eyes. I mean I thought I was unfit but these guys, for ametuer sportsmen are just amazing.

The pace and ferocity with which they attack repetitive fittness sessions is inspiring, I am the sorest right now I have been for about 5 years when I was playing and training a lot, but sitting in a plane crossing the Tasman, I'm a little dissapointed that I didn't get a session in today. It's not just a fittness thing either it's a mind fittness. For the first time I got to see them train and play while fatigued and it was the sheer will that kept them going, kept them competting, sent them off for one last round of a tortourous drill even though they were looking like dropping.

Usually I am motivated by compettiveness. But I'm not really playing any touch that has a major prize or working towards any teams, but that inspiration has got my blood pumping. I want to get proper fit again, which is in mates case is like a water fountain aspiring to be Victoria Falls, but it's a start.

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