Wild Peach

The things you do hey? The Wife, who I normally have to drag out of bed with Mack truck, was up a dawn today trying to get a sunrise shot through the James Bond Villian islands they have dotted around the bay. The trip has started pretty well, I despite my dissapointment in Optus failing to live up to Telstra's standards. I needed my iPhone unlocked so I could get a NZ sim and data plan and had hooked it up with them five weeks ago. Of course once I purchased said sim, the phone refused to work. I rang Optus with a 100 minute card, fully expecting to use it all, but they answered the call inside a minute and had the problem fixed in five. I mean where was the hold music for thirty minutes, the being bounced through nine departments, the barely veiled rudeness, the lack of technical competence? If Optus want to be taken seriously in Australia, they'll need to lift their game.

Auckland was bloody hot and humid, but here on the Coramandel coast it's much cooler, I've pulled out the ugg boots allready. I've had two wins on this trip so far, Tui on tap and in this little van park there are wild peach trees in the foreshore scrub, laden with fruit. Heaven!

Lantanaland from the iPhone

Bees, Fences and Chooks, NZ style.

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