Classic Album Mindworms

During the last few months I've been partaking of the great TV series "Classic Albums". Nirvana. U2. Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix and Metalica. And also ...... Def Leppard

Now if you like music and are at all interested in how things are done you have to get hold of this series. All the interviews are top notch and you really get a grip on the creative process. In particular you come to realize how much difference a good producer makes.

I'm not even a fan of some of these records. Never really dug Pink Floyd. I don't mind a bit of Metallica, but I don't own the black album. I doesn't matter though, because it's like watching history being built.

Which brings us back to Def Leppard. I quite liked these guys when I was a teenager and had some hormones. I can't recall when I last played one of their tracks, they're definetely not on my iPod. But like a gnawing hungry tapeworm, I now have their songs in my subconscious. All week I've been humming tunelessly to myself.....hysteria, dum de dum, can you feel it......

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