Slow news day

Been a bit slow here lately, mainly cause I've been living at mother foccacia a fair bit. Mmmmm hungry. Had some mates over last night for dinner and young charlotte gave my hard core choc mousse the big thumbs up. She went from sleepy to hyper in about 10 sec. What a cool kid. I think I'll be doing a video on that as well, it's such an easy recipe for such a great payoff.

In other Lantanaland news, doing tax is good! If the promised returns flow to the land of lantana there might be a rethink on the sheep and the jersey cow might be back on the agenda. Which means I will be looking at the cheese course again. It's heaps cheaper if you get a crew together and you get to pick your cheeses. If anyone is keen can you leave a comment or ping me on twitter? Hughesy? JB?

Lantanaland from the iPhone

By Jove and by Jingo

I might lose a mate over this.