Music makes my world go round

Dropped through Albion Love Den's blog today and went "ohh a top ten list, my favourite!". So I thought I'd steal some of it. Not the top ten or the fact that the albums were made in 2009 but just the music that I've been riffing off this year.

Now I try and not to get stuck in a time preiod. I want my kids to have a wide variety of music that doesn't contain smashmouth or khe sahn. So here it is, I expect and welcome all smartarse comments

Lily Allen - Its Not Me Its You
I understand why people look down at me for digging Ms Allen. But hey I don't read who weekly or listen to commercial radio so couldn't give a flying fuck about her private life. Her lyrics have a great wit and she writes great pop hooks. That's it.

The Shins - wincing the night away.
I love these guys and can't believe I let this one slip by me. If you like the shins you'll love it, if you don't you'll probably not change your mind on this record. Melodic pop rock at it's best.

La Roux - La Roux
Great electro pop. Again just fun music to listen too, great hooks and tunes. Don't know if I'll still be listening to it in ten years, but love it now.

The Presets - Apacalypso
I don't jump on the bandwagon that these guys are ground breakers, they sound just like what Sonic Animation would be doing if they were still around. That said, I loved sonic animation and I love this album. Play it loud to get the adrenaline going before footy.

The John Steel Singers.- the beagle and the dove
A blend between Sgt Peppers and Gomez these brisbane guys are just an infectious sing along bag of fun. Hope they get much, much bigger. In the old days I would have booked them as much as possible.

Anyone who knows me knows that Oz Hip Hop is my thing and the standard bearers are definetly...
Hilltop Hoods - State of the art
Great album, good songs, but, but I reckon as they have got more cash they have got better gear and because the boys are perfectionists the sound has got more polished. But is it a better sound? I'm not convinced that it is better than that rasp you get in The Calling.

Ugly Duckling - audacity
Not up to the standard of Taste the Secret or Journey to Anywhere but that just means I play it all the time rather than flog the fuck out of it. Great clever lyrics, no ego rap or bitches here sorry.

Seth Sentry - simple game
Anyone in a dead end office should listen to this song. Great beat too.

Dialectrix - outcast
Great bouncy beat, another pre footy song.

Paul Kelly - live off his website
If you didn't know, Paul gives away free tunes from his website, a letter of the alphabet every month. Best song this year? Winter Coat. If you don't think Paul Kelly is australia's best singer /songwriter well you can listen to this in your padded cell.

Nirvana - nevermind
This is a funny one. Never really liked Nirvana in the 90s. After watching their classic album episode though, I went and downloaded ( iTunes thank you for asking, I will not steal music) and realized that this is a cracker of an album.

MGMT - oracular spectacular
Again had no idea this band was cool. Heard one of their songs on a teen american comedy. Bought the album. Loved it.

Muse - uprising
Passion Pit - moths wings
Temper Trap - sweet disposition
These are all rock pop songs the Js have been flogging and like mindworms have entered my brain and will not leave. Good songs though.

Ok. Let rip. What did I get wrong.

Lantanaland from the iPhone

THe Catch Up

Anti aging from football