I'm gonna buy a cow.

I'm going to buy a cow. I've been saying it from the moment we signed the contract to buy Lantanaland, but only now is it anywhere near close to reality. Getting the goats has forced my into purchasing some infrastructure, so now i have the means to contain them. If the fence will hold the goats it'll frighten the cows.

I have always been keen on Dexters, a smaller breed much beloved by smallholders, because they have good beef and good milk. Being smaller, you don't have to deal with as much meat at one time, which is much better for home use. What I'd really like is a small herd of three or four, but one is probably all I can afford. That was until I was at dinner with some mates and the suggested buying a few lambs and running them on my place until they were ready to eat and I slapped myself. Herdshare!

Surely there are a few of you out there who are interested in owning your own cow for some beef or butter or cream or cheese? Keeping them with me has a few advantages. I know a whole heap of butchers to help with the slaughter and breaking of a beast. I make awesome sausages, the likes of which you'd be hard pressed to buy in a shop. I know nothing about making cheese, but do know that if you get a group together it is much cheaper to do Graham Redheads excellent cheese course, which you could do with your own milk!

Now i could have completely misread this and you might all think that I am insane, in which case I'll be just buying the one cow as planned, but who knows? If only two more people are interested, i'll have a herd not a cow, to share!

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