Simple Things

It's surprising to me how much enjoyment I get out of simple things. Eating fruit off the tree is always a good one. I don't eat massive amounts of fruit as a rule but I can't help myself if I go past a fruit tree with ripe fruit on it. Might be why I've been planting so many lately, have another 4 to go in this weekend.

The Boy gives me a lot of simple pleasure. Normally when I come home he is a bit restless, wanting constant changes of activity to keep him amused. Lately he has been passing through that into a beautiful ten minutes of so of calm, where he'll just suddenly rest his head on my shoulder and have a quiet cuddle before his bath. It is just fantastic.

I get a lot of simple pleasures out of my cooking, sometimes out of the most basic tasks. I cooked The Wife some salmon tonight as a break from the steak mountain and instead of a hollandaise I did a poached egg on top. I have poached a few eggs, but have never got that classic poached egg, a lovely ball of white holding the rich yolk. I've tried it so many times and never got it right.

I have no idea what I did tonight, maybe the water was at just the right simmer but both came together perfectly. I've been sitting here all night thinking about it. It made the meal just a bit more enjoyable there have been few things that has given me as much pleasure cooking as those eggs.

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