Hey lullaby

Ever since The Wife did the sleep training with The Boy we have sung a lullaby as a trigger to go to sleep. The base standard has always been three rounds of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but I always sang The Cat Empire's Ryhme and Reason to The Boy. 

When The Twins came along I was either too tired or too stressed to think of a new song to sing, until the other day a memory of an old folk song started slowly surfacing in my memory. I couldn't remember the name of the song and had the lyrics wrong but I eventually tracked it down along with an awesome recent cover version.  


I've just changed the lyrics to make them a little more....Lantanaland for The Twins


Hey rain, rain coming down. On the cows, on the roof of the farm. Hey rain, hey rain.

There is rain in my hair, rain in my beard, we haven't had rain like this for many a long year. Hey rain, hey rain.  


The chooks are all soaked, the ducks are all wet, the cows are all muddy, but we're not sick of it yet. Hey rain, hey rain.


Daddy day care

Farming stupid.