Back into it.

I keep meaning to write notes for things that go well or well enough that they bear repeating. I never do, so it’s time to dust off the blog, for me if for no one else, and start keeping a loose (knowing me so loose as to be almost useless) of the things I’ve been playing around with. 


For or some reason I’ve been craving lamingtons lately. And not the store bought dry chunks but the super soft, super moist airy bundles of deliciousness that are homemade ones. I found a great recipe that used something more like an icing than a normal lamington coating, and one that used real chocolate. That meant I could use dark chocolate instead of normal, I will 101 time out of 100. (Just for you Andy). Of course when I went to check the recipe, it’s server was down, so I winged it. I whisked a bit of cocoa and milk together and added some boiling water. that heat was enough to melt 100g of 70% chocolate and I finished it by whisking in some icing sugar. Or at least I tried. The icing sugar was so lumpy I had to throw it in the food processor just to break it down to a smooth consistency. 


I won't bother to link the sponge recipe as I forgot the butter in mine, didn’t seem to matter that much eating them today, the sponge was light and moist. All in all was easier and simpler than I thought, if you are visiting soon you can expect some lamingtons.  


We had a great afternoon and evening at Roz birthday yesterday, other than the local Dominoes failing a tribe of crazy kids and inebriated adults about five times. In the end we gave up and loaded up for the drive home and it turned out one of the twins realllllly wanted pizza. The melt down was something to rival the lava flowing over Hawahi in its intensity and inevitability. It was only stopped by the promise of pizza for dinner the next night and it did allow me to try something out I’d been thinking about.  


I had had some leftover lamb steaks, marinated in yoghurt, honey, turmeric and lemon and I made a pizza dough with yoghurt in it, to try and get more of a naan bread base. I cut the lamb very thin and added some haloumi I had left over. With some minced garlic in the dough and some yoghurt on top it was an excellent experiment. 

Cookbooks for Beginners

Cookbooks for Beginners

Chicken/fish on a bed of potatoes and mushrooms