Going a little fruity. #agtalks

Back in my great grandmothers day, everybody kept chooks or knew someone that did and grew a bit of veg and had at least one fruit tree in the back yard. It wasn't because they were tree hugging greenies or new age hipsters, it was just what you did. In the hard times it was probably the best way to ensure that everyone got fed.

I realise that those days are mostly gone, not everyone has the time or the energy to keep chooks or grow veg. Hell I love home grown veg and suck at keeping them alive. But fruit trees, once established, require minimum work. They give you great pleasure and have no food miles. Yet no government encourages anyone to grow them. With all the carbon and climate change talk does anyone realise how many miles a lemon or apple does to get to your door (especially if it is from overseas).

Is it because they think food is best left to farmers and Colesworth and not for people at home? I know I get great pride every time I drive past one of my old share houses and see the beautiful lime tree in the front yard. They might only use them for their corona on a Friday night but that's better than one from the states at $1.50 a pop.

My orchard is a few years away from being productive but I look forward to the day when I will supply all my fruit needs and some of my mates and neighbours as well.

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