Making Cheese- Halloumi and waiting too long to make it.

It's funny how you can lose confidence in something. The last batch of halloumi I made didn't work. At the cooking stage it just melted away. Halloumi isn't a brie level of investment of time, but its still dispiriting when you spend hours, from milking the cow to all the process of cheese making just to dump the end result.

I'd been making a heap of feta and not much else though, so I really felt I should do something else with the weekend milk. Dolores had got out and scoffed a heap of pollard as well as the bit of green grass around the house, so I got an awesome 8.5L of milk to work with. I followed the recipe to the letter and was rewarded with four good sized chunks of cheese.

It was so successful I repeated the dose today. When I cooked up a sample of Saturdays effort I mentally kicked myself for waiting to have another go. Fresh halloumi has the flavour, but is softer, creamier, like super halloumi. Time to add it to the list of cheeses I can make without checking the book.

Going a little fruity. #agtalks

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