Crowdfunding update, chook house architects, chopping trees and planning.

The planning for the orchard has begun well and truly. One of the biggest jobs was clearing the dead and goat damaged trees from the plot. There is something about using a chainsaw that can get even the nerdiest, mild mannered mans testosterone going. I don't know what it is, but I chopped down a tree the other day, went upstairs and put my bluey on and sculled a VB. Actually that didn't happen. It would take a much stronger chemical than testosterone to get me to drink a VB.

While I was chopping down one of the trees I had a great idea for a chook house. Chooks go great in an orchard, cleaning up fallen fruit to prevent fruit fly, keeping down the grass, doing a bit of free fertilising. One of the fences keeping them in will be the grape trellis and there house will be like this.

Forgive my poor artist impression. That is a chookhouse that will be built into the tree. Up off the ground to give a bit of extra protection from dogs and foxes, it will be a nice little feature. Any architects out there that would like to design an award winning chookhouse feel free to leave your contacts in the comments.

I should be writing about crowdfunding and fruit orchards but I had this awesome dinner.

Crowdfunding the orchard - ABC interview