I should be writing about crowdfunding and fruit orchards but I had this awesome dinner.

I have less than a day of the great crowd funding experiment to go and I should be trying to pimp it out for just one more fruit tree but last night I pulled out the Bang Up Cookbook, turned to the chapter marked Go On, Have a Go and cooked up a tasty tasty treat. So I'm going to write about that instead, because it is worth me putting down, even if I have no chance of getting the same dish out of the Lantanaland kitchen again.

In the fridge we had, pumpkin, ginger, garlic, baby spinach leaves and some pork belly cut up into chunks. I decided that it would taste nice with some coconut cream. (I cooked half the meal before discovering that I had run out of coconut cream and had to get the wife to stop on the way home, defeating the purpose of the bang up meal). I cut the pumpkin into chunks and left it in the oven slow roasting with a generous cover of cayenne pepper. Into the mini food processor, (no fancy thermomix for me, $20 from the Good Guys) went 3 cloves of garlic, big knob of fresh ginger, some fresh turmeric my mum left me, 6 or so chillies off the bush, few big tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter, juice of a lemon, dash of apple cider vinegar and zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The pork belly got thrown into this mix to marinate while I prepped the mashed potatoes. Maybe not the appropriate starch for this meal, but my love of mashed spud could probably be phycoanalysed for weeks. The marinated pork chunks went into a hot pan, the edges crisped up before the rest of the marinade went in to be cooked off a little. Once the coconut cream was added, the heat was dropped down to very low and the roughly chopped spinach, slow roasted pumpkin and kernels off one cob of corn were added.

Potatoes were mashed, pork was served and demolished. I'd love to be able to show you a picture, but that would have meant stopping the eating and that was not an option entertained. Anyway, less than a day before the Pozible campaign ends, so if you'd like to get the orchard one more fruit tree, have a look. Who knows, I might even cook you Bang Up Coconut Cream Pork as a thank you.

I am the lead cow.

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